Working with me

I genuinely see this work as a privilege, and I’m amazed that I get to call this my job!  I know it’s not easy to trust a total stranger with the deepest corners of your life, no matter how “trained” that stranger may be.  I honor your courage, respect your uniqueness, & believe you have strengths, inherent wisdom and insight that will guide our work together. I hope to be a warm, safe, nonjudgmental space where you can explore your inner world with curiosity & compassion.  

When you work with me, we will examine the history, themes, patterns, & culture of your family tree & how they have impacted your relationship to yourself and the world.  We will also work through a holistic lens that places coaching as just one “slice” of a meaningful life.  We will examine your connection to community, intimate relationships, health, creative expression, purpose, & identity in order to help build a life that feels authentic, fulfilling, & whole. 

I believe the love and wisdom you are seeking already exists within you.  I am not the ultimate "expert".  Rather, I come alongside you to guide inquiry and facilitate experiences that help you strip away and let go of anything that is blocking you from being your fullest, truest self.


With your permission, I may also challenge you to view things through different perspectives, or to experiment with a healthy level of discomfort to support your growth.

If you ever feel your needs are not being met in our work together, I am always open to finding a solution that works for you & commit to not taking things personally. More than anything, I want to build and protect a positive, honest relationship with you where you feel safe to give me direct feedback. 

My work with clients is also influenced by theoretical approaches including dialectical behavioral therapy, internal family systems, somatic experiencing, self-compassion research, mindfulness, & attachment theory.  I also specialize in the Enneagram as a spiritual and personal development model and use it as a helpful guide for your individual growth path.

Finally, as someone who has dabbled in performance storytelling and comedy (I’ve won a storytelling competition & performed in a comedy festival!), I use humor + literature/pop culture + creativity + spiritual ideas when appropriate to provide as much support as possible & connect you to resources that will support your unique, individual needs.


My Philosophy 

I believe

- disconnection is the root of suffering,

- paradox is an inherent part of life

- an essential part of being human is navigating the tension between what could be and what  already is,

- all of us, without exception, have done, said, or thought things that we feel deeply ashamed of.   

- and regardless of what we have done, all of us are worthy of love, connection, and belonging (as the great Brene Brown says!).  


I believe personal & collective liberation can happen when we have the courage to be honest with ourselves + others & cultivate skills to feel & digest the full spectrum of human emotion.


My degree in social work also strongly impacts my approach to wellness.  Mental, emotional & physical health doesn’t just operate within an individual context - rather, it is influenced by societal norms, generational trauma, colonialism, racism, poverty, & governmental policies. It’s influenced by lack of access to adequate healthcare, nourishing foods, childcare, & rest. Talking about wellness without addressing its context is a disservice to clients and can create unnecessary shame + stigma around their issues.  


I strive to bring a macro lens to sessions so that you can understand how their issues evolved within a cultural & societal context.