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If you have creative dreams that have been shoved to the side for way too long...

If you want more out of life than repeating the same ol' depressing, boring, predictable sh*t until you die...

If you're seeking deeper, more genuine connections with other people through the creative process...

Then you're in the right place.

Welcome to the

cringey creatives club:

A 9 week online group to

🧜🏽‍♀️🧞‍♂️Make kickass, supportive, creative friends 

🌟Develop confidence + resilience around rejection, failure, & mistakes

🍄End toxic spirals around your creative process,

🎨 Bring a creative dream to life & 

👊Break through fears + perfectionism

with licensed therapist, award winning storyteller & cringey creative, 

Juniper Wong

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"i don't want anyone else's life. i want to be radically awake within my own."

- Chani Nicholas

What is the Pilot Program for Cringey Creatives?

*An inclusive, intimate, LIVE community for ALL types creatives at any stage in your creative journey. You don't have to be "good" at any specific medium - the only requirement is you burn, yearn, and dream of CREATING & are willing to bring a sense of open minded curiosity to the process.


*Limited to 12 founding member spots, sliding scale from $12 to $33 per session (more info on payment and what level of investment is right for you in the application)


*A 9 week LIVE program designed to heal your relationship with creativity, help you express yourself unapologetically, and breathe life into a creative dream


*A playful, trauma informed space with evidence-based, effective therapeutic tools to melt away fear, transform our relationship with our inner critics, and to celebrate failure, small + big wins, and the sheer joy of imagination

*A celebratory showcase to present your work to a larger audience (for those of us who need a healthy dose of pressure + anxiety to get any sh*t done 🤪

What will weekly sessions look like?

This is rehab for recovering perfectionists, people pleasers, and dreamers with a dozen half finished projects. Rehab from all the bullsh*t we’ve all been forced to swallow about who we "should be" so we can be who we ACTUALLY ARE! Rehab from all the limiting beliefs we swallowed from crappy teachers, traumatized family members, critics who judge but don’t create, mainstream media and the capitalist agenda.


The foundation of change will be sparked by a collection of readings, musings, talks and writings on creativity which you will listen to, watch, or read during the week. I will also incorporate somatic (body based, nervous system) knowledge + neuroplasticity (the power of your brain to make new beliefs, connections and pathways) into the course to help you shift how you feel about yourself and the creative process on a visceral level.

Each session will include:

*A communal dialogue around the reading/podcast/video to inspire us and spark conversation on an aspect of creativity, 

*A therapeutic technique, meditation, or exercise to bring safety into our nervous system/body so that we feel safe to create & explore a vulnerable space, 

*Time to create + bonus coworking "sprint" sessions sprinkled throughout the 9 weeks to help you focus

*And time share your creations in progress (or finished creations) OR time to verbally process + share your creative struggles in a supportive, empathetic space. 

*Certain sessions will give you time to receive feedback or troubleshoot on a “hot seat”.

*The final session will be a showcase where we invite friends and family to witness our work (woohoo!)

What We'll Be Covering:

Weeks 1-3

Establishing Safety

Channeling the Muse

Growth Mindset aka Why We NEED to Fuck Up

What it Takes to be "Good"

  • How to establish safety in your body so you feel free to make mistakes, share, fail, stumble, and get back up again

  • Reframing our relationship with creativity and moving from ego to intuition

  • Growth vs. fixed mindset - how the best artists keep creating

  • Re-defining your "why" and what defines "good" creative outcomes

  • Choose your project!

Weeks 4-6

Rewiring Old Beliefs

Loving & Reparenting the Inner Critic & Worrier

Embracing Authenticity + Vulnerability 

  • How to find + express your authentic voice

  • How to rewire old, stubborn beliefs that won't stop looping in your brain

  • The power of vulnerability and how to deal with the  fear of (or the reality of) "cringe"

  • Truly nurturing, soothing, & connecting with our inner critic and  worrier so they stop sabotaging our projects

  • Start sharing your project's progress with classmates + receive feedback!

Weeks 7-8

Reinforcing  New Beliefs 

How to "Stop Caring about Outcomes or what Other People Think"


The Power of Editing + Redoing

  • Continue rewiring old beliefs and creating new beliefs

  • How to detach from outcomes and other people's opinions of your work

  • Opportunities for feedback from other students

  • The creative opportunities (and necessity) of editing and redoing our same work

Week 9

  • Showcase and Celebration of Progress!

Clients are Raving about Working with Juniper!

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    Sixu Chen

    "Now I come from a place of 100% authenticity - whether the other person likes it or not. Which is such a place of liberation!"

    Working with Juniper felt like an embodying process. I may have known some of the things she taught intellectually but, after the program, because of the EXPERIENCES she lead me through, I was able to truly integrate these concepts into my life. Now I come from a place of 100% authenticity - whether the other person likes it or not. Which is such a place of liberation!

    Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 2.30.40 PM.png

    Leilani Quiray

      When it comes to foundational shifts & transformations with Juniper, there’s so much that has changed…SERIOUSLY. 

      When I came to work with Juniper, it was because I wanted to show up better in a relationship I was in, for that person. A lot of times I put myself on the back burner, put myself to the side, trying to be what I thought my partner needed or who I thought the world needed, when in reality there were pieces of my authentic self that weren’t allowed to shine.


      But the thing I ended up truly learning is showing up for myself and making sure that I’m taking care of me and that’s the biggest change & the biggest piece of empowerment. Juniper taught me to show up for myself.

      Juniper guided me through many practices in a very gentle way to uncover how I diminish myself & my voice. She also gave me so many practices to  explore on my own to empower my authentic self.


      I've learned how to fully step into and honor who I am in a healthy way - and I am A REALLY POWERFUL WOMAN! And when I show up for myself, I also show up better for people in my circles, and show up as my truest self for my purpose in this world.

      Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 2.35.38 PM.png

      Ashley Kim

        "Juniper is the best therapist I've ever worked with - and I've worked with a lot."

        The minute I met Juniper, it felt like a warm hug. Not only is she wildly knowledgable and resourceful (seriously, this woman seems to have life/professional experience in every random struggle I bring up!) she really walks the walk. You can tell she has BEEN THERE before and she's not just talking out of her ass or because it's the "therapist" thing to say.

        She pours a level of passion & humanity into her work that I haven't experienced with another therapist, and it truly feels like she cares.

        Image by Chaewon Lee

        "Curiosity is an antidote to despair.

        Despair is the spiritual disease of believing that

        tomorrow will simply be a repeat of today.

        Nothing new.

        The future simply an unbroken string of todays,

        one after another.

        But curiosity disrupts despair, insisting that

        tomorrow will not be a repeat of today."

        - Joe Cardillo

        Screen Shot 2023-04-16 at 9.29.50 PM.png

        Who is Juniper?

        How embracing creativity has transformed every aspect of my life.

        Discovering and unleashing my creative voice has healed me, liberated me, and straight up made me HAPPY.

        Creativity has given me the opportunity to share my story at the Moth Grandslam & a comedy festival, give keynotes to college students on Asian American mental health, reach hundreds of thousands of people on the internet, start my own business, channel my pain, and connect with others in a way I never thought would be possible. I grew up believing that only a few *special and chosen* ones were given the luxury to live a creative life, but that is some elitist, capitalist, bullsh*t we were fed through trauma + horrible education systems. Creativity wanted to choose ME all along - it just needed me to find the courage to choose IT.

        Living a creative life has given me the confidence in my ability to design my own life, career & relationships, rather than feel like a passive, powerless victim to circumstance. My relationship with creativity is a powerful, endlessly generative part of my psyche that nobody can ever take away from me, no matter what happens in this wildly unpredictable world. And I firmly believe we need a healthy relationship with creativity to deal with the challenges humanity will face in the upcoming years.

        I've witnessed time and again, first as a high school English teacher, then as a nonprofit arts facilitator, and finally as a therapist the transformation that happens when people prioritize playing with the muse, channel ideas through their bodies, and share their unique work with the world. It's not aways pretty or perfect - but it's always an adventure.

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        Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 5.48.02 PM.png
        In a capitalist society that measures "worth" by numbers, appearancesproductivity and wealth, we have been told a million lies about creativity.

        Creativity is so much more than being a "good" painter, musician, or writer. 

        Creativity is NOT just a luxury reserved for an elite, special, talented group of people.

        It's also NOT just for poor, starving artists who have to scrape by on scraps. It doesn't demand your entire life without giving you anything in return.

        Creativity is abundant, overflowing, joyful and generative. It's not just relegated to one aspect of life - it's a way of being. And when we allow creativity to transform our way of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, EVERYTHING comes alive and possibilities blossom everywhere we turn. Suddenly, we're allowed to write entirely new narratives for our lives, our friendships, our bodies, our families, our communities and work.

        All art forms tap into the magic of creativity, but creativity is an energy that we are ALL meant to play with in a million different ways.

        So join me in cultivating the creative life. In committing to re-create the way we perceive ourselves & our world. In channeling the creative LIFE FORCE ENERGY that wants to dance and flow through us so we can create the
        - Relationships...
        - Businesses...
        - Art...
        - Writing...
        - Community...

        - World
        We all dream of.


        The investment

        • My sliding scale is taken from Alexis J. Cunningfolk's model. I believe all folks from all background deserve access to this work, but it requires that those who do have financial privilege to be honest about what they can contribute. We tend to only value what we invest in, so be mindful of which tier you choose.

        • Remember: all proceeds from this first, founding member round of Cringey Creatives will be donated to Conservation International.

        • Tier 1 is $12 a session or $108 for the entire program

        • Tier 2 is $22 a session or $198 for the entire program

        • Tier 3 is $33 a session or $297 for the entire program

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