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Connected Conflict
Workshop Registration 

- Workshops can be purchased separately if you can only attend one date OR you can purchase both workshops as a series.

- If you purchase both workshops, you can use code BUYTWO for $5 off each workshop. This is a small THANK YOU for choosing to take both workshops with me!  Honor system - please do not use this discount code if you are only purchasing one workshop.

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Connected Conflict Workshop 1: 

The Nervous System + Attachment Styles in Conflict
*September 27th @ 5:15 pm PST*

Uncover how your attachment style and nervous system subconsciously impact your approach to conflict! Learn how to work WITH your nervous system and heal your attachment style so you can have healthier relationships.

Connected Conflict Workshop 2:

Nonviolent Communication - Effective Strategies for Difficult Conversations
*October 4th @ 5:15 pm PST*

Learn the best techniques for dealing with difficult people, approaching touchy subjects, and having productive conflict that gets to the heart of the issue (rather than going in circles or trying to prove one person is "right" or "wrong". Nonviolent communication makes it safe to bring your authentic self to the table and invites other people to do the same.

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Questions about these workshops? Difficulties? Concerns? Send us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch.

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