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Are you ready to ditch the fear & step into the love you deserve?


A group course & community to heal attachment trauma, transform your relationship with yourself, & create the authentic love you desire.

For singles & couples 

Do You...

Wonder if past trauma is sabotaging your love life?

Want to be more secure & confident but don't know how?

Dream of a relationship that’s secure AND lights you up?


Keep falling into relationships or “situationships” that go nowhere, but don’t know why?


Struggle with knowing what is “normal” or “healthy” in a relationship?


People please in relationships…then end up feeling resentful?


Feel afraid of speaking up or confronting issues in relationships?


Doubt that you will ever find the love you yearn for?


Need tools & actionable skills to help you communicate more effectively?

You need to experience secure, safe, healthy love to attract it into your life. That’s what Real Intimacy's here for.

I know the highs & lows of intimacy, the confusion, & the struggle with self-worth. I know how lonely it can be to navigate relationship issues in the dark (and how unhelpful friends' & family's advice can be!).


That's why I created Real Intimacy -

a course & close knit community of like minded people who crave authentic connections. If you want to leave the past behind, are open to getting vulnerable, have the courage to explore your own shadows, & are eager to learn the tools, practices, & rewiring processes, to create real, lasting love AND want to do all this in a fun, vibrant community then welcome! You're in the right place.

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For years, I didn’t feel worthy of a loving, secure relationship that also lit me up inside. And because I didn’t feel worthy, I attracted partners that reflected those beliefs - emotionally unavailable, wishy washy, volatile, or just plain mismatched. 


As the youngest kid of immigrant parents who grew up in poverty & worked very hard to provide for me, I felt guilty that I struggled with crippling anxiety  & depression. I felt “broken” and “wrong”. 


What I didn’t understand back then was:

  • Intergenerational trauma passed down from our parents impacts our brains & nervous systems 

  • Emotional neglect is just as painful as physical neglect

  • How relationships are a mirror into our deepest “shadows”, or rejected parts of self

  • Specific skills & techniques that I can use to calm my anxiety & communicate more authentically

  • And most importantly, it’s possible to shift our beliefs on a holistic level & experience more freedom & love in our own skin. 


When I came to believe in an abundance of potential partners rather than the myth of just “THE ONE”, I found freedom. When I came to relish & savor my own company I found the strength to walk (quickly!) away from partners who weren’t aligned with what I truly wanted. When I learned how to be my own best friend, parent, & encourager, I stopped being so easily affected by others’ opinions. When I faced my own shadows rather than running away from them, I saw the truth of my role in relationships. And when I started recognizing how I blocked love from entering my life, and allowed love to come to me in a myriad of forms, my life expanded with deep friendships, passion, a new city, & a life partner.


I know my story is not special. It’s possible to have amazing relationships, no matter how messy your history appears or how weird you may feel. I believe that if we want to call love into our lives, love WANTS to come into our lives. I believe that when we combine the power of a healthy community with healing practices + practical skills, magic happens. And I believe you are ready to transform - and I can’t wait to see you inside the doors of Real Intimacy.

In this course, we will cover

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